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Hello dear friends!
Recently we decided to expand the scope of our activities and today we are ready to offer you our new product.
It is not a secret that we provide not only the excellent services of photo retouching and photo shooting, but we also independently support a large part of our web resources. The accumulated experience has allowed us to draw some conclusions about the activity in internet and we are sure that it will be useful for you.
Surely you are often faced with the need of finding new customers. We are ready to assist you in this difficult process.
Currently we are working on development of completely organized websites for photographers which can become not only the face of your business, but also will help you to promote your qualified services on the market.

websites for   photographers

Professional retouch of handmade luxury and business watches.

Unique product requires an unique approach - this is the best principle to follow when you get the order to retouch exclusive luxury handmade watches created in the single copy. "High-quality products does not need the additional decorations" - this is our main motto and philosophy when we are approaching to the job.

The simplicity of the background and attention to details, focusing on the strengths, correctly selected view, thoughtful lighting and professional processing of the ready-made images is allowing us to get an astonishing results which you can clearly see below.


Professional retouch of handmade luxury and business watches

Retouching photos bicycles - background Removal

The main task of the photography is the representation of an object in the most favorable light.
But as it became obvious after a closer look at bicycles of the «Pride» brand we found out that they do not need an embellishment or any special tricks.
That is why we chose a simple white background for the photo shoot. It does not distract the attention from the bike itself. That in our opinion will optimally fit into the concept of the brand and will let you evaluate all the advantages of product in full.
We are always attentive to details.
The placement of the shadows, touch-ups of small details and of course clipping of the background: all that was a separate task. Our careful and artistic approach allowed us to take pictures in perfect and concise way.

Retouching photos bicycles - background Removal

Guarantee quality photo retouching

The guarantee of our quality is not only a positive feedback from our customers, but also the fact that we do photo shoots and photo retouching for photo stocks. It is well known that photo stocks have high demands on the uploaded photos: high resolution of the picture, sharpness across the field of the photo, no noise, good light, the composition of the picture, and others.

New photo retouching project

We are launching our new photo retouching project at the hearth of which lies absolutely new approach to our clients. Now they may use even wider variety of services. All the concerning to the project information we are going to provide here in full size. This includes everything about realization and all the specific details of the project.
On this time we are working and developing in the following directions as a detail portrait retouching, high end retouching, beauty and artistic retouching. Also we are professionals in 3D visualization and creation and editing of panoramas for virtual tour.

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