Detailed photo retouching

Detailed photo retouching is a fairly deep processing of images and is carried out after the initial correction of the light and color, image sharpening and small skin imperfections removal. This kind of retouching is mostly applied for beauty-treatment magazine covers, posters, exclusive lingerie and nude-photo shoots, jewelry shoots and as a complex subject treatment. With extensive experience in the detailed retouching we can easily eliminate unwanted objects on the photo, improve the human figure on the picture or make perfect hairstyle and stunning make-up. Detailed photo retouching involves a large amount of manual work and a creative approach which is an essential companion of any activity of each of our specialists.

Detailed photo retouchingDetailed photo retouching
Photo retouchingPhoto retouching
Retouching photosRetouching photos
The process of photo retouchingThe process of photo retouching
Process of photo retouchingProcess of photo retouching
photo retouchingphoto retouching
work on a photowork on a photo
Photoshop masterPhotoshop master

Puppet style image

Puppet style imagePuppet style image
Puppet style image. Photoshop masterPuppet style image. Photoshop master
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